This collection of live edge hardwood slabs is a slice of paradise for makers, designers and DIYers.  Highly figured, live edge hardwood slabs that are in their raw form, unfinished, and ready for a multitude of projects.  Black Walnut, Elm, Ash, Maple and Beech are just a few of the trees represented in this collection.  A secondary section of our Nature Nook Collection, is "The Great Wood Pile". A collection of live edge hardwood slabs that have all air-dried for over 40 years!  A single man's collection that began in Up State, NY and ultimately ended up in Milan, MI.  This incredible selection of live edge slabs has figure and color like no others.  Like fine wine, this collection of live edge slabs has aged, dried and settled naturally, allowing the color, grain and movement within the wood to develop and enhance as it aged.  Every live edge slab in this entire collection was hand picked for it's beauty, grain, figure and size, and will compliment any environment.  Nature finding expression in live edge furniture.