Tips for Purchasing Live Edge Furniture

First time purchasing live edge? Here’s a few tips to help ease the process:

1) Be open. There’s so many trees to choose from, and they all come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Approach your search with an open mind, as you are purchasing a natural product-a tree slice-and no two slices are the same. Consider non-conventional seating arrangements and the possibilities of a non-conventional, or linear shaped, live edge table. 

2) Maximize your space. Instead of having a specific measurement in mind, instead have just your minimum and maximum dimensions. If you know the absolute minimum dimensions required and the absolute maximum dimensions that fit your space, you will make the process of elimination much easier.

3) It’s not all about the base. When it comes to choosing a style of table base, Artisan Scott Myers knows scales. Whether it’s a fabricated steel or hand crafted solid wood base, Myers will steer you in the proper direction with a beautifully designed table base.  Keep in mind that “less is more”. A lot of people put a lot of emphasis and money on an elaborate table base. Consider that once the chairs are in place, you never notice the table base again. Don’t waste your money on bells and whistles, your live edge table top is the only star of the show!

4) “Less is More”: Timeless VS Gitchy. Less is more. When it comes to a live edge table, you are making a forever purchase. The last table you will ever buy. An heirloom piece to be passed on for generations. Making sure your heritage piece remains timeless is important. Myers creates timeless, heirloom pieces that will stand the “test of time” and style. Again, “less is more”. Myers leaves his pieces as natural as possible, allowing the tree itself to shine. A hundred years from now, any piece made by Live Edge Artisan, will fit beautifully into any space, no matter the trends. Gitchy, or gimmicky, trends; river tables, giant epoxy fills, dyed epoxy treatments, etc., may be fun, or cool looking now-but in 10, 20, 30 years, you will be able to place a date on your table. Not to mention that any manufactured chemicals that are incorporated into your piece, will discolor and/or fail over time. Don’t get sucked into all the “bells and whistles”. Let your tree speak for itself whenever anyone walks in it’s presence. 

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