Thinning Out the Herd

DIY folks, it's your time to shine! We are currently releasing a portion of our inventory to the public for DIY-ers. Our live edge wood slab inventory is vast and has a rich history. Many of the live edge wood slabs came from a single collector, who milled the lumber in Up State, New York in the late 70's. It was then moved to Milan, Michigan, where it air-dried, untouched in a barn, for over 45 years! The figure and movement in the grains of each piece is simply amazing! This release, of just a portion of our live edge wood slab inventory, is for a limited time. Don't miss this opportunity to make your very own, one-of-a-kind, heritage piece that you will pass on for generations. The gallery is located in Royal Oak. 

Live Edge Artisan Gallery

4413 Fernlee 48073



Daniel Usiadek

Hello, I was out to visit your business when I was in Detroit this past May and saw the beautiful slabs you had. I am planning to fly thru Detroit again and wanted to see if I could come by Saturday 21st and pick out a slab.

Let me know if you plan to be open and I’ll confirm my travel plans.

Jennifer Jones

I’m looking for a knotty Alder live efge (both edges) slab that has benn unworked, mousture content less than 10% and treated for pests. The dimensions I need are as follows:
Minimum 101" long
Approx 2" thick
9"-14" deep

If you have such a piece please let me know the price including shipping to Sacto., CA.
Thank you,
Jennifer Jones

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