Live Edge Artisan: The Great Wood Pile

Live Edge Artisan Gallery was opened to showcase the amazing, air-dried woods and studio furniture of artisan, Scotty Myers.  Myers may have the largest (air-dried for over 40 years) collection of highly figured woods in the country.  This collection was harvested by former pro football player, Joseph O'Donnell.  

Joseph O'Donnell played college football as a fullback, guard and tackle for the University of Michigan from 1960-1963.  He played professional football as a guard and tackle for eight seasons for the Buffalo Bills in New York.  

Joe is remembered as a college player for a fake punt while playing for U of M in 1963 against Southern Methodist University.  A play that allowed O'Donnell to ramble 50 yards for a touchdown.

Joseph moved from his farm in Eden, New York back to Milan, Michigan in 1978.  

The wood collection that Scotty Myers uses was harvested in Upstate, New York and moved to Milan, Michigan in the late 70's.  Although O'Donnell only made one piece-a rolling pin-he saw the value and beauty in every tree he harvested.  Myers is regarded as the new "caretaker" of the wood by the O'Donnell family.  Myers strives to honor the trees in each heritage piece he creates, as well as Mr. O'Donnell himself.

Myers' studio furniture is unique and one-of-a-kind.  Each piece is hand finished with AFM Safecoat Live Edge Artisan Wood Oil and Wax.  The air-dried woods that Myers uses have unique and incredible figure and movement.  

Like fine wine, wood only gets better with age.  Having a collection that has air-dried for nearly 50 years gives Myers' pieces a look that only few can claim.  Others that have woods of the same caliber sell their pieces for upwards of $46,000.00!  

Myers knows the value of his collection and strives to make it obtainable and affordable for those who appreciate fine arts but cannot afford the extreme price points that come with them.

Myers' move into his 3000 square foot gallery has opened new doors for some local artisans.  Along side Myers' studio furniture, you will see steel sculptures, fine arts water color, oil on canvas, ceramics and a host of  artwork of various mediums.

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